Changing Television History..

In light of National Women’s Day I’d like to introduce you to Verity Lambert…

Verity Lambert made great strides in the entertainment industry in her roles as the first producer of the long running Doctor Who series as well as An Unearthly Child and The Mission to the Unknown. 

As well as running her own production company ‘Cinema Verity’ (1985), Lambert received two awards for her work in the entertainment industry which included an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 2002 and Lifetime Achievement Award in December 2007. Although, Lambert sadly passed on the 22nd of November 2007 due to a smoking caused cancer. The Lifetime Achievement Award was still awarded posthumously.

Verity exceled with many other works in her career such as Love Soup, via Windows, Minder, GHB, Eldorado and Jonathon’s Creek. Lambert made pop culture history in her all her achievements in the Film and Television industry and is one of the many women that are changing the pop culture industry for the better.

I personally have never heard of Verity Lambert before but I enjoyed researching all her achievements and was astounded at what this women achieved in this big white-male world.


Jess Reed


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