18 Years Later… And I’m still stuck in Grouchland

Thinking back to my early years I remember I was obsessed with Elmo. Which reminds me of when I two I lost my Tickle-Me Elmo and my parents replaced it with a Tickle-Me Oscar. If I can recall, I was not having any of that and threw a massive tantrum.

Back to my Elmo fetish, I had a copy of ‘Elmo in Grouch land’ on VCR and would watch it day after day. I remember a couple years back I found my family’s old camera with a bunch of homemade videos of me when I was a toddler, which I found a video of myself sitting on my bed, dummy in my mouth watching said ‘Elmo in Grouch land’ while all my friends were outside playing (Nothings changed).

The Elmo movie is meant to teach young children that you can fight you the things that you want and to never give up, whatever is in your path… Also if you jump into a filthy trash can you might find a whole other universe where everyone is an asshole. But honestly I can still say it still has an impact on me. It reminds me of simpler times where I could shit my pants and no one would think it was weird.

And yes still to this day, I still have a DVD copy of the movie and yes I will be watching it later today. I was just reminded of how epic it is.

Definitely something I will pass onto my kids one day… Provided that I don’t kill myself trying to dive head first into a trash can.

Love Jess Reed


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